The Winery

The Winery

Tradition and innovation characterise the continual development of our company, giving life to wines which are full of flavour and rich in character.

The facility

The processes which take place here range from vinification to the production of sparkling wines and ageing in wooden casks.

There are pneumatic presses for pressing the grapes, destemming crushers, controlled-temperature fermentation tanks and an automated system for filtering the must.

The entire production cycle, right up to bottling, takes place on-site, guaranteeing quality.

The land

There are 35 hectares of vines cultivated by the Boron Family which extend through an area where wine has been produced ever since the early Roman civilizations, and where the unique terrain and climate have always provided the perfect conditions for producing high-quality wines.

The perfect ripening of the grapes, the care and attention to detail in carrying out this work: they all play a part in achieving an excellent final product.