The Boron wine estate is part of a family tradition which started in 1954 thanks to the passion of Remigio and Amedeo for wine making.

Over the years the estate has constantly expanded and there are now 35 hectares of vines grown in the Loncon area.

Today, all of the mastery and expertise has been passed down to the new generation, Sabrina, Andrea and Roberto who, combining their experience of the wine-making tradition with new technology, are proud to be able to offer the most prestigious wines to their clients.

The Company

The Boron Company lies in the heart of the LISON DOC zone with its fertile and productive soil, and has 35 hectares of vineyards in the unique terrain and climate of the Lison Pramaggiore area.

The Boron family are ready to give you a friendly welcome when you visit and let you taste their local products.